Gets UNDER your skin

The more you know, the more you’ll love subcutaneous securement

SecurAcath is a new subcutaneous catheter securement device that utilizes a small anchor placed just beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissue. The device is attached to the catheter at the insertion site - eliminating the need for adhesive devices or sutures.

  • No irritating adhesives or sutures
  • Continuously secure
  • Eliminates needle sticks
  • 360 degree site cleaning

Patients Love SecurAcath

Don Young has been on artificial nutrition therapy for 37 years.  Over the years, he has seen it all when it comes to catheters and catheter securement.  Hear why he loves the SecurAcath.

Securement Comparison

The SecurAcath saves time and makes dressing changes much easier compared to adhesive securement devices or sutures.

Leading Clinicians Love SecurAcath

SecurAcath is really getting under clinician’s skin. They love the way subcutaneous securement eliminates the need for adhesive devices or sutures. With only seconds to place and seconds to remove, what’s not to love?